Updated: 9/7/2021

Visitor & Caregiver Policy

In response to increasing COVID-19 cases, we have updated our policy to keep our patients, community and health care workforce safe to care for current and future patients.

In general, patients may be accompanied by one (1) visitor or caregiver at a time. No visitors under the age of 12 are permitted, except at end of life. Specific exceptions in various situations are outlined below.


  • Inpatients will be restricted to 1 visitor or caregiver at a time with a total of three (3) designated individuals during their entire length of stay. The patient/guardian will establish a list of three patients at time of check in.
    Inpatient Visiting Hours: 8am-8pm


  • Adults in the outpatient setting are permitted one (1) visitor or caregiver.

Outpatient Prenatal Patients

  • Prenatal patients are welcome to bring two (2) adult caregivers
    or partners with them to their prenatal and ultrasound visit

Pediatric Patients

  • Ambulatory (outpatient) pediatric patients are permitted one (1) adult caregiver for a clinic visit. Newborns are allowed two (2) adult visitors or caregiver

Surgery Patients

  • Adult patients receiving same-day surgery are permitted one (1) visitor or caregiver in order to accompany the patient
    during their check-in and pre-procedure preparation, as appropriate. Pediatric patients receiving same-day surgery are
    permitted two (2) visitors or caregivers. The caregiver should be accessible during the procedure either in the designated
    waiting area as space allows, or by designated phone number

Family Meetings

  • For family meetings, two (2) family members (as designated by the patient) may attend. When applicable, one (1) of the
    attendees should be the surrogate, stand-in decision maker or Designated Power of Attorney (DPOA). One (1) additional
    person may attend to support the DPOA. Both family members may attend the meeting in person

End of Life Visitation

  • No more than two (2) visitors or caregivers may be in the room at one time. No visitors or caregivers will be permitted
    for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID. Exceptions may be considered by the attending provider.

Emergency Department & Urgent Care

  • One (1) visitor or caregiver may be allowed to accompany the patient at the discretion of the clinical team and as
    conditions necessitate. A pediatric patient in the Emergency Department may be accompanied by two (2) visitors or

Please Note:

  • To minimize risk, we encourage patients who are able to receive care without the presence of a visitor or caregiver to do so. All visitors and caregivers are encouraged to wait outside the facility whenever possible.
  • Anyone entering VRH buildings will be screened for COVID-19.
  • Visitors and caregivers are required to wear a medical mask of their own when entering a VRH facility. If they do not have a mask then one will be provided. If a visitor or caregiver refuses to wear a mask, they will be asked to leave

We encourage patients and those who transact financial business with the hospital to call 603-543-5693 or 603-543-5694 rather than presenting to the hospital when able.

* Individuals unable to wear a face mask due to a disability. may request reasonable modifications according Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)